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I don't like asking for help. Sometimes that gets me into trouble!

Saving the good underwear

Why do I, every day, say to myself when picking out my undies for the day, “You’d better save those good ones. Don’t wanna waste them on work [or fill in the blank with some other random boring or sex-less … Continue reading

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My Idiot Brother-in-law

Today: Another day that I am grateful that I’m not married to some moron. Or anyone. So I drove to Long Island (8 hours or more in the car, depending on traffic) to visit my sister for the weekend. Oh, … Continue reading

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Texting, Facebook, Twitter and dating do not mix.

Hey Facebook. Yes, sure I’d like to send a friend request to that guy I went out with once four years ago who told me he’d love to hang out again then blew me off after I texted him. Thanks … Continue reading

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Let there be m-f’ing light

Oddly, the nice weather today gave me a weird burst of energy, so I was outside trying to clean all of the dead leaves out of my flower bed when something awesome happened. The UPS truck came and brought me … Continue reading

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The Museum Date

So, all three of you who read this blog have probably been on the edge of your seats for the last few weeks waiting to see what happened on that date I had. Well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been slacking in … Continue reading

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Online dating sites. F you.

Springtime has traditionally been what I so affectionately call “mating season.”  That’s when I generally get the friskiest and really feel like I should be out there and dating a lot.  I’ve really put dating on the backburner lately because, … Continue reading

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Life and Death: What’s the motherfucking point.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and this blog was supposed to be full of fun tales of my life trying to make it as a homeowner and a monumentally single woman. But I’m sad today and this … Continue reading

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