The Museum Date

So, all three of you who read this blog have probably been on the edge of your seats for the last few weeks waiting to see what happened on that date I had. Well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been slacking in updating you b/c I’ve been having regular, crazy sex with date guy (We’ll call this one MetalHead, or MH for short)…it’s just because I’ve been slacking in updating you.

It always amazes me how cripplingly awkward I am when it comes to dating. I can never get it right.

As you know, I went out on a date a few weeks ago with some guy that messaged me on an internet dating site. The guy, MetalHead, while VERY nice, was exactly the same kind of guy that ALWAYS is attracted to me: a little geeky, [too] scruffy, loves D&D shit and is awkward around chicks. MH actually had a really cool idea for a date – we went to a museum. Points for thinking outside the “hey let’s get dinner” box. Points also for being super nice. And yes, it was a little awkward at times (as first dates often are) and we didn’t talk about a whole lot except the things we were looking at, but there was pleasant banter. Enough so that I decided that if he were to call and ask me out again, I would go, even though he is really not my type and all I could think about was trying to think of ways to get him to cut his hair. So this all sounds ok, right? Eh.

At the end of our museum tour, there was a whole lot of awkward standing around. Now, we were chatting a little, too…but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to get rid of me, or trying to figure out how to get me to continue on with the evening somewhere else. We just stood awkwardly. And then put on our coats awkwardly. And then walked to the parking lot awkwardly where we again stood awkwardly talking about our cars. So he said something like, “So I guess I’ll talk to you later……?” And I said something like, “Yes! For sure – this was fun!” And then another awkward moment. And then he came in for a hug which took me by surprise because it was…you guessed it…awkward. So I said something really ridiculous like, “Oh! Are we hugging…?” ACK! What I meant to say was, “Oh! Are we hugging friends now?” Because that’s a term that my friends and I use for when you cross over into “hugging friends” territory – you know, when you hug hello and goodbye. Anyway, I meant to say that and I thought it was something cute to say, but then halfway through I realized that he would have no clue what that meant, so I stopped talking and then THAT came out. And we hugged. But then I felt totally stupid! Because he was probably like, “Oh. She doesn’t WANT to hug.” Not true! Hugs are ok! I like hugs!

SO I obsessed about that stupid thing I said for a while. Like, all night.  And then partially through the next day. I asked some dudes for advice and the general consensus was I shouldn’t mention the awkward comment, but I should contact MH (texting seems to be the popular choice these days even though I hate it) if I wanted to and let him know that I had a nice time. I did that.  And got a response saying he also had a nice time and he asked me what I was doing the following weekend. For once, I had NOTHING planned, so I said, “It looks pretty open, actually.  Dinner?” And then? Crickets. Seriously. Dude NEVER responded!!! Who does that? Asks if someone is free the next weekend and when they say “YES” they disappear? Weeks later, I still don’t know what happened. Does he hate dinner? Did he not get my message? Did he pass out, hit his head and get amnesia? Perplexing, yes?


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I don't like asking for help. Sometimes that gets me into trouble!
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One Response to The Museum Date

  1. Focused. says:

    Maybe something happened to his phone? Or the text was never received. Technology is not perfect after all. He could have emailed you had he lost his phone or something. If the text failed to be received, it might explain the silence. Might I suggest a follow up text and/or email? Try for the three-strikes rule.

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