Life and Death: What’s the motherfucking point.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and this blog was supposed to be full of fun tales of my life trying to make it as a homeowner and a monumentally single woman. But I’m sad today and this is why:

I was up north at my mom’s yesterday – we were getting ready to go to the baby shower of a girl I have known since we were babies.  And as we were getting ready to celebrate this upcoming new life, we got a call with some bad news.  I’ve been kind of numb to it, pushing my emotions down.  And now that I’m home and left alone to ponder the magnitude of what is going on, I’m not dealing with it very well. You see, my cousin just died. She had a very aggressive form of breast cancer a few years ago, but fought against all odds and came out of it cancer free. She beat it. She got new boobs. She, her husband and her four little kids could finally relax. And then they woke up yesterday, but she didn’t. And I don’t get it. I don’t understand.  And I’m sad and angry.  And left to ponder my own mortality and the mortality of every single person around me.  And wondering why anyone even bothers because what’s the goddamned point?


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I don't like asking for help. Sometimes that gets me into trouble!
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