Xtina, revisited.

Well, well, well! It looks like Xtina may have her makeunder chance after all!  Just did a little research on Jane Pratt (because it’s 2 a.m. and I should be SLEEPING!), who I thought kind of disappeared, and read that she has NOT disappeared at all and has just launched a new website/online magazine-type thing that has a few features from her past endeavors (Sassy, Jane magazine) including the makeunder!  I guess I need to pay more attention, because this was pretty big news among the lady-type sites (bust.com, jezebel, etc).  Also, Jane will be launching a little sister magazine & website to xoJane with ubercool teen fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson that will be in the vein of Sassy – content for teens that doesn’t suck.  Goddamn, I loved that shit when I was a teen.  I initially read about it here (then subsequently surfed around and read a ton more) – take a look and get pumped!


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