Looking both ways

When something good happens to me, I automatically feel like something bad is immediately going to take it away.  Like perhaps I’ll get hit by a bus or get a debilitating disease or, God forbid (if you believe in that sort of thing), die in my sleep!  Yes, these are actually the things I think about when something good happens to me and really, for good reason.

In 2008, after working for almost six years at the same soul-sucking job that I hated, I finally caught a break and scored a position at a fabulous company known for being a fabulous place to work that treated their employees great!  I was so excited!  This was the dream company for most of the people I worked with at the ol’ soul-sucker.  There was some envy for sure!  So I put in my two weeks’ notice and had a professional, but truthful, exit interview with my boss’s boss in which I had to tell him a lot of things he didn’t necessarily want to hear.  While he is a terrific guy, there were many other issues going on that he didn’t know about and I felt it was important for me to tell him.  I still left on good terms, though, and then went off to my new job at my dream company, skipping, smiling, and loving life.

The new job was in the Research and Development department of a consulting company and, needless to say, I know nothing about research or development!  They hired me basically because they liked me and thought I could catch on.  I was always concerned that I wasn’t living up to expectations, but I was happy to be learning something totally new, happy to help out however I could, and super happy that they had a Keurig and jeans day every day!  And then two months later, I got hit by the figurative bus.  The economy in 2008, as we all know, fell apart toward the end of the year.  Dream company ended up having to let go of 20% of its staff and being new I was in that 20%.  I understood why they  had to do it and there were no hard feelings but I had grown to like it there and really like the people I worked with, so I was just sad.  So sad.  After that came 5 months of unemployment until I found my current job, which isn’t so bad, but, never lived up to the job at the dream company.

So it’s now early 2011 and it’s been over two years since that happened and guess what?  Dream company called me and asked me back!  After absolutely NO hesitation I said that I absolutely would be interested in coming back.  I was told I was something special and that they were sorry that things had turned out the way they did – how often do you get that from an employer?  So, barring anything crazy happening (like getting hit by a bus), it looks like my life just instantly got better.  Happy!


About independentsinglegirl

I don't like asking for help. Sometimes that gets me into trouble!
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One Response to Looking both ways

  1. RedRover02 says:

    Happy happy joy joy.

    You earned it.

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