Dead in the freezer…

I was just part of a conversation that was disturbing.  Actually, it wasn’t really a conversation but more of a comment exchange on Facebook.  Someone from my tiny hometown up north posted that she was going to finally put her foot down with her husband about the dead woodchuck that had been in the freezer in her garage for a year.  Excuse me?  A DEAD WOODCHUCK in the freezer??  FOR A YEAR??? 

Grossed out, yet intrigued, I began reading the comments and it seems that another woman’s husband keeps a dear head in their freezer and that yet another woman’s husband keeps grocery store bags full of turkey feet in the freezer.  Say what??

I grew up in the sticks – a rural close-knit community full of hunters, fishermen, and churches.  The people I mentioned above still live in that community.  Even though I grew up in that community I was still pretty creeped out by this.  I had to ask: “Why the hell is there a woodchuck in the freezer??”  This answer may surprise you: This girl’s husband trapped the woodchuck (during “trapping season” which I didn’t even realize WAS a season) so that he could take it to the fur guy and get 10 bucks for it.   What the hell purpose does woodchuck fur serve?  And is it really worth keeping in your freezer for 10 lousy dollars?  I don’t think I need to tell you what the wife’s thoughts were on that.

And I KNOW you are curious about the turkey feet and the deer head.  Well apparently the turkey feet spurs (huh?) were going to be made into a NECKLACE to be worn during hunting season.  What exactly does the spur on a turkey foot look like?  And how many do you need to collect before there are enough for a necklace?  And is this some sort of weird hunting voodoo ritual that I never heard of before??

The deer was apparently not mount worthy, so the husband wants to make a “European mount” so he can hang it above the doors of the shed or on the front of his truck.  What. The. Hell.

I like being single, but there are those occasional days that I think to myself, “Maybe it would be nice to be married…”  I gotta tell ya, today is certainly NOT one of those days.


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I don't like asking for help. Sometimes that gets me into trouble!
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